3 Top Ways to Save you Money on Dog Training

Updated: May 17, 2018

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Here at It's Not the Dog our ultimate aim has to be happy dogs and happy families. There are 3 easy ways to improve the behaviour of virtually every troubled dog we meet at our training sessions.

1. First and most important - PHYSICAL STIMULATION. Is your dog really getting enough? Physical aerobic exercise we mean! A healthy adult Golden Retriever will need at least 1 hour (probably more like 2 hours) good aerobic exercise a day. That's not a short walk around the block at my pace - that's a run, swim or very long game of fetch spread over the day. You can find lots of information on the internet that will help you establish the needs of your dog. It's a really good idea if you can manage to add some breed specific exercise to your plan. A Spaniel would normally love a swim and a Terrier would enjoy to dig, Is there a way to add this to their routine.

2. MENTAL STIMULATION. Nothing is quite so tiring for us Dog Trainers at INTD than having to use our brains! Think of how exhausting an interview or exam is to us humans. The same is true for your canine companion. There are many games that you can use to help focus your dog's attention and again use the internet here to investigate the right one for your dog's breed. Your Border Collie or German Shepard will love a game of find it!

3. CONTROL & MANAGEMENT. If the kids can't play in the paddling pool without the dog jumping in and scratching as she tries to play too. Try taking the dog in separately to the kids, give her a toy of her own to play with and perhaps give her a long aerobic walk beforehand. Dogs have natural instincts and we need to work with these and try to ensure that we help our dogs succeed.

These are our TOP ways to help you achieve your perfect pooch, our next blog will be focussing on QUICK ways to save you money on your dog training.

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