1 to 1 Assessment and Report - £75

At INTD we believe that Dog Training is a process not an event and our group classes are designed to reflect this.  HOWEVER, we recognise that sometimes owners want help and results quickly.  The best way for this is a 1 to 1 visit where a qualified trainer will first provide a consultation and then visit you at your home or you can come to the training field to receive training guidance and a follow-up report to work from. 

Bad Manners, Barking, Car Travel Problems, Chasing, Chewing, Digging, Eating Faeces and Non-Food Items, Escaping and Running Away, Fear and Anxiety, Frustration, Growling, House Soiling, Hyperactivity, Jumping Up and Pawing, Nipping, Noise Fears and Phobias, Mouthing, Multiple Dogs in a Household Problems, Problems with Cats, Horses, and Small Animals, Problems with Other Dogs, Pulling on the Lead, Rolling in Unpleasant Substances, Running Off during Walks, 'Second' Dog Problems, Separation Problems, Territorial Behaviour.

1 to 1 Assessment and Report - £75


    Please call or email to arrange an appoinment.  We are able to accomodate most evenings and weekends. Nominal fuel charges may need to be applied to customers in excess of 20 miles from MK43 0LT.


    1.5 Hours