Call for Help - £35

We all have the dog or puppy's best intentions at heart but sometimes, despite our best efforts, problems seem to be increasing. Do you just want a quick chat a few pointers to help to see if you can improve matters or nip a problem in the bud? A 30 minute scheduled facetime or whatsapp call could do just that. Bad Manners, Barking, Car Travel Problems, Chasing, Chewing, Digging, Eating Faeces and Non-Food Items, Escaping and Running Away, Fear and Anxiety, Frustration, Growling, House Soiling, Hyperactivity, Jumping Up and Pawing, Nipping Noise Fears and Phobias, Mouthing, Multiple Dogs in a Household Problems, Problems with Cats, Horses, and Small Animals, Problems with Other Dogs, Pulling on the Lead, Rolling in Unpleasant Substances, Running Off during Walks, 'Second' Dog Problems, Separation Problems, Territorial Behaviour.  Maybe you have it sorted but if you need some dog training help we're here.


Call for Help - £35


    Please call or email to arrange an appoinment.  We are able to accomodate most evenings and weekends.


    Book a visit or course and receive £5 discount off next training session


    Up to 60 minutes