Extreme Lead Manners 1-to-1 £90

This session addresses THE most common issue of Pulling on the Lead but then goes one step further to address other common problems on the lead such as lead biting and/or impulse control.  After a detailed and free assessment telephone consultation our trainer will work with you to design the training plan specifically according to your dog's needs.  We'll explain some of the reasons why your dog pulls, we'll look at the best methods of restraining your dog and show you some ways to make your walks a lot more enjoyable for both you and the dog.  This course is individually based and therefore ideal for anxious or reactive dogs.  Although we discuss and include Lead Aggression it is not the primary focus of the course.  This course is supported by extensive reference materials and also includes both pre and post course training support. At INTD dog training venue in Upper Shelton Bedfordshire we have fields and hedgerow as well as immediate access to public footpath to make the experience as close to reality as possible and therefore provide the biggest benefit.  

Extreme Lead Manners 1-to-1 £90


    Book and receive £5 off a subsequent course or field hire


    2.5 Hours - Start and finish times to be arranged


    No slip leads or choke chains to be used in class.  Please use a collar and/or harness.

    Please keep all dogs on a lead unless an instructor tells you otherwise.

    Please do not bring your bitch to class if she is in season (you are welcome to attend and watch).

    Please do not bring any dog to class if it is ill. If you are unsure if you should attend class please telephone to discuss.

    Please bring poo bags and clear up your own dog's mess and place in the bins provided on site.

    Make sure you bring LOTS & LOTS of tasty treats to reinforce your pup's brilliant behaviour!