Group Recall Remedies Workshop - £75

These are 1 off dog training sessions to work on the common dog training issue of why your dog won't come back when called.  We'll explain some of the reasons why this happens and we'll look at ways you can work on getting your dog to return.  We specifically work on getting a good recall even when your dog is faced with disractions and temptations.  The INTD dog secure dog fields in Upper Shelton Bedfordshire are ideal to work on longlines and safe dog environments.  This course can also be provided on a 1 to 1 basis for more reactive dogs - please contact us for more information. 


Group Recall Remedies Workshop - £75


    Book a Workshop and receive £5 off a subsequent course


    2.5 Hours


    No slip leads or choke chains to be used in class.  Please use a collar and/or harness.

    Please keep all dogs on a lead unless an instructor tells you otherwise.

    Please do not bring your bitch to class if she is in season (you are welcome to attend and watch).

    Please do not bring any dog to class if it is ill. If you are unsure if you should attend class please telephone to discuss.

    Please bring poo bags and clear up your own dog's mess and place in the bins provided on site.

    Make sure you bring LOTS & LOTS of tasty treats to reinforce your pup's brilliant behaviour!


    No un-neutered male dogs over 12 months

    Please do not bring a female dog to class in season