Puppy Home Visit - £75

The trouble with puppies is that they are so adorable.  And it's a good thing they are.  We love them. They make us laugh.  They make us cry.    They are joy.  They are mischief! I began making a list (it's quite extensive so I put it in alphabetical order): Bad Manners, Barking, Car Travel Problems, Chasing, Chewing, Digging, Eating Faeces and Non-Food Items, Escaping and Running Away, Fear and Anxiety, Frustration, Growling, House Soiling, Hyperactivity, Jumping Up and Pawing, Nipping Noise Fears and Phobias, Mouthing, Multiple Dogs in a Household Problems, Problems with Cats, Horses, and Small Animals, Problems with Other Dogs, Pulling on the Lead, Rolling in Unpleasant Substances, Running Off during Walks, 'Second' Dog Problems, Separation Problems, Territorial Behaviour Maybe you have it sorted but if you need some with puppy training or addressing problems help we're here.


Puppy Home Visit - £75


    Please call or email to arrange an appointment. We can accommodate most evenings and weekends. Nominal fuel charges may need to be applied to customers more than 20 miles from MK43 0LT.


    Book a puppy visit and receive £5 off a subsequent course


    90 minutes