Puppy Parties are for puppies aged approx. 12 weeks.  The aim is to introduce your little pal to a couple of new friends of their own.  At this age puppies are experiencing the end of their first instinctive fear period and it is important that experiences during this time are managed carefully by a dog training specialist.  A small group of 4-5 pups is the maximum.  This is a great introduction for your puppy to puppy training classes.

Puppy Party - £10


    Suitable for puppies once they have completed the second vaccination. 

    No slip leads or choke chains to be used in class.  Please use a collar and/or harness.

    Please keep all dogs on a lead unless an instructor tells you otherwise.

    Please do not bring your bitch to class if she is in season (you are welcome to attend and watch).

    Please do not bring any dog to class if it is ill. If you are unsure if you should attend class please telephone to discuss.

    Please bring poo bags and clear up your own dog's mess and place in the bins provided on site.

    Make sure you bring some tasty treats to reinforce your pup's brilliant behaviour and fun party spirit!



    1 hour

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